“Blueberry Suzette” – Crepes with an Orange & Blueberry Sauce

BlueBerry Suzette – Crepes with an Orange & Blueberry Sauce

by Poh, taken from Poh’s recipes at the Hampton High Country Food & Arts Festival,  http://www.hamptonfestival.com/recipes.html

Crepe Batter

IngredIentS: (makes 8 – 9 crepes)
• 1/3 cup plain flour
• 2 free range eggs
• 3/4 cup whole milk
• pinch of salt
• 1 tbs vegetable oil or melted butter
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• soft butter to grease pan
Pop non-stick frypan on low heat to begin warming. In a medium mixing bowl,
combine flour, eggs, 1/4 cup milk, salt and melted butter or oil and whisk until
silky smooth. Add another 1/4 cup of milk and whisk until nicely incorporated.
Add remaining milk and stir in gently with a ladle. The mixture should be quite
watery. If you have the correct consistency, the batter will split into droplets when
poured from the ladle in a slow stream. If it forms a smooth band of liquid as it is
poured from the ladle, your crepes will end up too thick.
Heat a 20 – 23 cm non-stick frypan to medium. To test, ladle a droplet of batter
into the pan, if it sizzles and instantly bubbles, it’s probably a bit too hot. Just
grab the pan and, making sure no one is around you, madly wave it around to
cool it down a tad. Return to stove, and with some paper towelling smear some
butter onto the entire surface of the pan. Start by ladling just enough (1/4 cup
should be perfect) of the batter into the pan to roll and cover the surface. You
have to work quickly as it should begin to cook instantly. When the crepe is
perfect, it will start to crisp up on the edges. At this point lift up an edge with a
butter knife and with both hands, carefully pick up the crepe to swiftly flip it over.
This only has to cook for literally a second on the other side and then you can
flip it onto a plate. Repeat until all the mixture is cooked. You should end up with
crepes that are just under 2mm thick. Any thicker and you will lose the magic
silkiness of what a good crepe is all about. This will mean that you are either
pouring too much mixture into the pan and letting the excess settle instead of
pouring it out, or that your batter needs thinning with more milk.

Orange and Blueberry Sauce

IngredIentS: (serves 1)
• 2 tbs caster sugar
• 1/3 cup orange juice
• zest of one orange
• 2 tbs grand marnier
• 1 tbs brandy
• 1 tbs unsalted butter
• 2 crepes rolled, sliced into 5mm strips, and separated
• 1 punnet blueberries
• pouring cream
Have crepe strips ready and sitting in a tousled nest on a plate. Sprinkle
blueberries on top. Set aside.
Sprinkle sugar into a small frypan on high heat (must be gas) and wait for it to
caramelize partially. As it starts to go a beautiful amber, pour in orange juice
and a pinch of zest, followed immediately by the grand marnier and brandy.
To flame, tilt the pan away from you so the liquid is threatening to pour out. The
alcohol will naturally attract the flame, at which point you return the pan to a flat
position and allow the alcohol to cook out. The flame will die naturally. Remove
from heat and pour over the crepes. Serve with a jug of pouring cream.

Smear over face while eating for a lovely moisturising effect.  Not sure if this works, it just sounded like fun!  (This bit wasn’t part of Poh’s recipe but I generally leave food scattered around my face so it works for me.)  Poh came up with a bunch of yummy recipes using local produce during her stay at the festival last year. The link takes you too them.  http://www.hamptonfestival.com/recipes.html