CANCELLED – Blueberry U-Pick – Saturday and Sunday (17th – 18th Jan 2015)

Hi everyone,

Really sorry to announce that the planned U-pick for Saturday and Sunday 17-18 of January is now CANCELLED.

Today (Friday) U-picked a bit over 300kg of certified organic blueberries today and that’s wiped out the U-pick blueberry section for what’s probably going to be the rest of the season.

We tried to cater for everyone on the day but we normally u-pick for a couple of weeks or more and today blew us away so we’re sorry if you’ve missed out.

Thanks to all those u-pickers that enjoyed themselves. Some lovely people who showed interest in a small agribusiness in the Hampton area. We’re all very humbled in your support.

Once again thanks to those that enjoyed this morning and sorry to those who need to change their plans because we’ve cancelled the next 2 days of U-pick.

Hampton Blue