2015/16 Blueberry Picking Season comes to a close

This season was a blur. Our blueberries were a bit later than usual this year and then it seemed they all came on relatively quickly and then last week the last blueberry was picked….ever…in the world…nah, only kidding. There’s still two left. (still joking)

The raspberries are still just producing with all fruit currently going to the freezer.

We didn’t seem to get around to as many markets this year, however we did enjoy seeing all those lovely customers we’ve met over the years at Northery Street Organic Markets in Brisbane. We’ve supported this market for quite sometime now and it’s great to see everyone. We’ve also loved seeing some of the other markets in and around Toowoomba get going throughout summer. It’s unfortunate we were unable to support any of these this year, however we can now plan to be at one or two of these for the 2016/17 season.

We were also unable to open the farm to the public for a u-pick day, simply because we struggled for fruit to u-pick. There’s usually a small window when u-pick fruit and commercial fruit picking don’t overlap however strangely enough, we didn’t really have that window this year probably because of the late ripening, which we was caused by the relatively mild spring.

We love having people to the farm for u-pick days, so sorry to anyone that’s disappointed because we were unable to make this happen this year. (Don’t worry, there were many exchanges back and forward within the Hampton Blue team to try open for u-pick).

It looks like we have enough frozen organic blueberries and raspberries in the freezer for the next couple of weeks, so if you’re searching for some, please make contact…quickly….Dad’s eating them all and we would love to sell a few.

Thanks finally to the Hampton Blue family; to all the lovely customers, the great team of workers and those local soles that wander in to say hi and support us throughout the year. To quote Jeff Fenech “Luv youse all.” Missing you already (Jeff didn’t say the last bit).

Take care,

The team at Hampton Blue