Hampton Blue produces both fresh and frozen certified organic blueberries and raspberries:

125g certified organic fresh blueberries ($5.50 per punnet – seasonally adjusted)
125g certified organic fresh raspberries ($8.00 per punnet – seasonally adjusted)
500g certified organic frozen blueberries $15 per punnet
500g certified organic frozen raspberries $20 per punnet

Hampton Blue products are made without artificial preservatives, artificial colours or chemicals, and our berries are all certified organic produce.  We supply products in jars (as pictured) and we also do bulk orders.

Blueberry Jam – 220g $10

Raspberry Jam – 220g $10

Raspberry Coulis Dessert Sauce – 260mL $10

Blueberry Gourmet Dessert Sauce – 260mL – $10

Blueberry BBQ Savoury Sauce – 260mL – $10 – Containing 70% organic blueberries we have produced a delicious smokey sauce stacked with cumin, thyme, marjoram, cinnamon et al. This sauce is a superb marinade or can be simply used as a sauce with cheese or white meats such as chicken, pork and sausages.

Raspberry Vinegar – 260mL – $10 – Our organic raspberries are infused in white wine vinegar then filtered to produce an amazing red coloured vinegar that is divine over salads leaves, great as a dip for Turkish bread with dukkah or even on asparagus or roast chicken.