Jams, Coulis, Sauces, Vinegar

jams, sauce, coulis and vinegar

jams, sauce, coulis and vinegar

Hampton Blue products are made without artificial preservatives, artificial colours or chemicals, and our berries are all certified organic produce.  We supply products in jars (as pictured) and we also do bulk orders.

Blueberry Jam – 220g

With whole fruit and a tasty “sauce” it’s about as pure as we can make it.

Our ‘jams’ are really conserves, made from our organic fruit avoiding the use of preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.

Raspberry Jam – 220g

Complete with raspberry seeds, this is one of those sweet, tart type of jams that anyone will love.

Raspberry Coulis – 260mL

By far the most popular product we’ve had.  A tarty fresh product made by cooking and pureeing our organic raspberries and removing the majority of the seeds. Best served with yoghurt, ice cream, fresh fruit, smoothies or as a topper for a cake.

Blueberry Gourmet Dessert Sauce – 260mL

A deep blue, smooth, sweet sauce using the juice from our organic blueberries. This sauce is super served with yoghurt, ice cream, custard or fruit.

Blueberry BBQ Savoury Sauce – 260mL

Containing 70% organic blueberries we have produced a delicious smokey sauce stacked with cumin, thyme, marjoram, cinnamon et al. This sauce is a superb marinade or can be simply used as a sauce with cheese or white meats such as chicken, pork and sausages.

Raspberry Vinegar – 260mL

Our organic raspberries are infused in white wine vinegar then filtered to produce an amazing red coloured vinegar that is divine over salads leaves, great as a dip for Turkish bread with dukkah or even on asparagus or roast chicken.


You can place an order with us on the following number or email your order using the following address.

Sue or Rob Groom
phone: 07 4697 9287
mobile: 0427 716 430 (we struggle with mobile range at the farm so this is usually a last resort!)
email: sue@hamptonblue.com.au

You can also usually find us in Brisbane at the Northey street organic markets on Sunday mornings during Summer and at other Fine Food Festivals around the South East Queensland area on occasion.