Hampton Blue Certified Organic Blueberry and Raspberry Farm

Hampton Blue is a certified organic blueberry and raspberry orchard situated in Hampton, 30kms north of Toowoomba amongst the tall timbers of the Great Dividing Range.

We have been growing blueberries since 1983 and our farm produces fruit from more than 10 varieties of blueberries and 1 raspberry variety, all of which have a unique flavour of their own.

For organic blueberries, our year revolves around picking season (Oct-Mar), maintenance season (Mar-Aug) and prepping in readiness for the picking season in September. For organic raspberries, we start slowly through December / January, increase production in February / March and ramp down in April / May.

At Hampton Blue we focus on providing certified organic, naturally grown, quality fresh blueberries and raspberries. We also make organic blueberry jam, organic raspberry jam and a range of other blueberry and raspberry sauces in our on farm licensed kitchen. These jams and sauces are kept as simple as possible to keep the true flavours of our certified organic blueberries and raspberries.

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